My name is Roxzaan Botha. I am best known as a Life coach, Prof Spiritial Advisor, Writer and Movement Instructor, (together with my husband Dr. CJ Botha) of Melody of His Heart Ministry and “New Beginnings” in South Africa. I am also the author of a three book series, entitled ‘Die Uitnodiging’, including ‘Die Wapenrusting van ‘n Priester’ and ‘Die Tien Beproewings Toetse’. And several other books for the purpose of Spiritual development (browse in shop). Specializing in EI (Emotional Intelligence) and emotional healing, I am also assisting people with workshops held for the purpose of development of YHVH’s given character as well as the author and developer of the “Golden Hands” prophetic character analysis course. Also the inventor of “Stilltation” Art of Healing therapy (held in workshops/camps) – and “Still-moving” art of movement (held in group classes).

Podcast teachings are available focusing on teaching YHVH’s servants on having an intimate relationship with their Covenant El (God) and Mother Spirit Eloah (Ruach Ha Kodesh). We have four children between the ages of 23 and 10, and I am proud to be a Homeschool mother. I have released a worship cd for the purpose of further proclaiming the true Names and the symbolic months of YHVH.

What a blessing to know that very, very soon our (Heavenly Father and Mother’s) love will set us free !!!!